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 I am working in a project of the UFMG (University of Minas Gerais).
 You can send me your how-to?

> Hi,
> I made a Howto for installing IE6, MS Office 2000 and some other apps
> with wine-20031212 (all never versions have certain drawbacks).
> Everything works fine and I will soon publish this Howto on my site. In
> comparison to Crossover there are only two drawbacks with my
> installation:
> 1. When IE6 tries to open a new window it is blank. That means also if
> links want to open themselves in a new window this does not work.
> Everything else works like a charm.
> 2. With Outlook 2000 I can not connect to an Exchange server. I get
> immediately the message that the servers name can't be resolved. For
> sure it is resolvable, both by nameserver and /etc/hosts. On the
> console it says:
> fixme:winsock:convert_sockopt Unknown IPPROTO_TCP optname 0x8
> err:winsock:WS_setsockopt Invalid level (6) or optname (8)
> This only happens if this server is available. If I give a resolvable
> but non reachable server name in the connection dialog of outlook, I
> also get the console output but Outlook seems to try for a long time to
> get a connection and then gives up with the same error message as above.
> It would be very nice if someone could give me hints to these two
> remaining problems so that my Howto can be finalized and published for
> all those wanting to use wine instead of Crossover Office.
> Regards
> 	Joachim
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