automate gui

Brian Edwards brian at
Mon Mar 8 23:50:00 CST 2004

I want to automate an undocumented, binary win32 GUI app.  I've got the app 
running on Linux using wine.  I would really like to use python to automate 
the GUI on the "X11-side" of wine, but python doesn't seem to have native X11 
support (  Am I correct in assuming that 
wine doesn't translate from win32 --> some GUI toolkit --> X11?  Here are the 
options that I am working on validating...

    X11 GUI Automation
       xnee -
       android -
       python - ???
       doesn't have concepts of buttons, etc. (only pixels, mouse movements)

    GUI Toolkit Automation
       Not possible b/c wine translates directly from win32 to x11

    Python for Windows Extensions via wine
        Not sure if this will work.  I get the following errors.  Plus I'd 
rather stay on the X11 side if possible.

bash-2.05b$ wine ../Python23/python ./
win_version= NT
Open and locate Notepad
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 632, in ?
    notepadWindow = findTopWindow(wantedClass='Notepad')
  File "./", line 46, in findTopWindow
    raise WinGuiAutoError("No top level window found for wantedText=" +
__main__.WinGuiAutoError: No top level window found for wantedText=None, 
wantedClass='Notepad', selectionFunction=None


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