Wine-20040213 with K12ltsp Fedora 4.0.1

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at
Tue Mar 9 18:39:41 CST 2004

I'm posting this both places since I don't know whether it is Fedora or 
Wine that is causing the problem.  The windows program  involved is 
Integrade Pro V9.0 (IGPRO)
I have a Compaq machine which has the following:
K12LTSP-Fedora 4.0.1
128 Meg Ram
550 MHz processor

Here is the problem; under K12ltsp 3.1.2 with wine-20031118 IGPRO works 
with out any problems.  With Fedora 4.0.1 and either wine-20031118 or 
wine-20040213 the instalation goes okay and as long as the system has 
not been powered down IGPRO works as designed.  However when the system 
is shut completely down so the box can be moved to a teacher's classroom 
there is a problem.  When the computer is started and the program 
launched everything runs okay until the actual gradebook file is 
selected then IGPRO quits.  The computer data base has been updated both 
before and after wine and IGPRO were installed.
Any help is most welcome as we are trying to transition our school 
totally away from Windows before the school year is out.

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