Antwort: wine doesn't work at all

Daniel.Krippner at Daniel.Krippner at
Thu Mar 11 03:49:41 CST 2004

> I'm using ASPLinux 9 (RedHat 9) with wine-20031016-1rh73winehq (I 
> know this rpm is for RedHat 7.3, but the rpm shipped with my 
> distribution did not work as well and died with the same output). 
> Windows version is 98 SE (full install).

I don't know if that will solve your problem, but you can give it a try: 
turn off the kernel's built in exec-shield, like this
echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield

With that enabled, I got nothing to work at all - my kernel knows how to 
protect itself, apparently *g*

Anyone here using Lotus Notes 6.5.1 with wine? I've got a problem with 
attachments - whenever I click on a mail containing attachments, 
wine-Notes crashes. Not good, as I have to start vmWare to select a 
different mail before I can continue to work with the wine version...


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