The lattes version of AIM wine

Ralph Blach chipper at
Fri Mar 12 13:32:36 CST 2004

A lot of people have ask me why I want to install the windows version
of aim.  The reason is that windows version has more features.

the AIM for linux is at version 1.5 while the windows version is at


Evil Kosh wrote:
> Ralph Blach wrote:
>> Has anybody gotten the latest version of AIM to work with Wine?
>> I am running Wine 20040213 on a standard Redhat 9.0 system.
>> Thanks
> can I ask what is the point of running AIM under Wine when you could 
> just use Gaim instead? I mean, it's not rocket science is it, I use Gaim 
> all the time and I never have a need to use AIM under Wine at all, an 
> explanation as to why you'd do this would be nice, thanks!
> kosh

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IBM Corporation
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