lotus notes 6 not working

Ralph Blach chipper at us.ibm.com
Fri Mar 12 13:51:19 CST 2004


My appolgies.  Your are of couse correct.
1)Wine 20040213
2)I compiled it my self from the lates stable download
3)No I have not tried other wine versions
4) I am running redhat version 9.0
5) Install_AIM_np.exe
    download windows
    System Requirements
    If the installation fails to complete, click here to download the alternate installer file.
    touch the hotlink click here
    new screen that ask you to click here
    that will bring you to the file.
6)I ran the the exe to install the program.
7)I had to change the windows version to win98
8)I have not installed IE6.

Does this assist?


Joachim von Thadden wrote:
> Am Fre, Mär 12, 2004 at 08:49:49 +0100 schrieb Florian Koenig/Camberg/ISBAC:
>>hi, my lotus will not work, heres the output from starting wine:
> Florian,
> nobody can help you with this mail:
> - what's your wine version?
> - did you compile wine by your own or took a version shipped with your
>   OS or the original wine binaries?
> - did you try other wine versions?
> - What's your OS, distribution and version?
> - what version of the software is causing the problems?
> - how did you install the software that causes the problems?
> - did you temper around with your .wine/config or the registry?
> - did you install the IE6 beforehand?
> It would be good if everyone is giving these informations when asking
> the list for help, otherwise we always have these question-answer mails
> to get enough informations before we can be of any assistance!
> Regards
> 	Joachim

Ralph "Chip" Blach
IBM Corporation
chipper at us.ibm.com
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