attaching to any thread with winedbg

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Sun Mar 14 02:00:58 CST 2004

i did some of RTFM and didn't find an answer to my question: is it 
possible to do %Subject% (i mean threads of wine-process)?

"attach wpid" puts me on the main thread:

Wine-dbg>walk proc
 pid      threads  parent   executable
>00000016 3        00000014 'C:\windows\system\msiexec.exe'

Wine-dbg>walk th
process  tid      prio
00000016 (D) C:\windows\system\msiexec.exe
        0000001b    0 <==
        00000018    0
        00000017    0

and i am able to do a "bt". how should i trace another threads?

btw, no docs says i must enter wpid in decimal form, while walk cmd gives
wpids in hexadec form. should i offer patch to some doc-file or have i
misread something?

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