Sound question

Mike Crowe mcrowe at
Sun Mar 14 13:41:56 CST 2004

I have an application which otherwise works, except when I click on something that
requires a sound effect.  I get this error message:

fixme:mci:MCI_LoadMciDriver Couldn't load driver for type WAVEAUDIO.If you don't have a windows installation accessible from Wine, you perhaps forgot to create a [mci] section in system.ini

I am using wine-20031212 for Redhat 9.  I'm not sure what I am supposed to do here.  Although system.ini appears under the Windows directory in a Microsoft system, under the /.wine/fake_windows/Windows directory, I don't see a system.ini.  There is a win.ini.

Please advise.

Thanks, Mike Crowe
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