Installing Zoo Tycoon problem (another one)

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon Mar 15 04:20:49 CST 2004

>During the install process it tries to copy a large file (130 MB) from the
>CD to the installation directory. This always fails after writing 21430272
>bytes of data. Is this some magic number ?
>Is there a way to (better) debug copying of files?. --debugmsg +file gives:
>trace:file:SetFileAttributesW (L"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Games\\Zoo
>trace:file:CreateFileW L"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Games\\Zoo
>attributes 0x80
>trace:file:CreateFileW returning 0xcc
>trace:file:ReadFile 0xb0 0x40f22610 65536 0x4194ad00 (nil)
>trace:file:WriteFile 0xcc 0x40f22610 65536 0x4194ad00 (nil)

If you installed wine from source you can change wine itself to output
some more debug information. Just enter printf("whatever %d\n", var);
wherever you want to inspect some variables or see where wine went

bye  Fab

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