Installing Zoo Tycoon problem (another one)

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Tue Mar 16 04:37:27 CST 2004

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:33:52 +0100 (CET), you wrote:

> Thanks for the tip but +relay shouts out so much it hurt my eyes hurt and
> it seems to be in some endless loop ? I left it for 15 minutes and still
> no first button to push.

The idea is to direct to a file and study the output in an editor. 

You think that the count of ReadFile/WriteFile's is over 327 or 2000
(for the full 130Mbytes) ? ReadFile/WriteFiles are known to be _slow_ on
Wine. One of the things to consider is that this slowness is part of the
problem, timeout or something.

> ulimit btw is ok.
> Any other tips ? How can I find out what procedure/dll/call is calling the
> ReadFile and WriteFile ?

Try to catch it in the debugger, but with such common functions that may
be hard to catch. It would go like this:
- start with winedbg
- set the breakpoint with "b ReadFile"
- press c to continue
- repeat until it stops on breakpoint nr 3 (or whatever it reported when
you created the breakpoint)
- Now if ReadFile is called 10000 times before the one of interest type:
c 10000 to skip 10000 breakpoints.
- use "c n" a couple of times until you are there.
- type 'bt' to get the calling stack.

Something else is to look at the +file,+relay trace. You should be able
to distinguish whether the programs does the Read/WriteFiles directly or
through perhaps a higher level function like CopyFile()

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