Skype sound problem with ALSA and arts

Nagy Viktor nagyv at
Wed Mar 17 08:29:19 CST 2004

Hi there!

I've installed Skype 0.97, but I can not use my microphone with it (the
playback part of it works fine). I don't know which chipset my sound card
uses, but it is written to be cs4236B integrated something (I've got an old
Pentium Pro). Otherwise I am using a wine 20031212 from CVS.
First I tried with the default config options for sound (winMM: drivers=
winoss; dsound: everything escaped).
After I tried to guess the dsound options given the hints of a http:/, but none worked.
I even changed my sound device from arts to ALSA without any result.

Could someone tell me how to check whether the problem is in my wine config
or in Skype (it is only a beta version). For example is there any built-in
sound-recorder in wine?

Thanks, Viktor

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