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Igor Selivanov iselivanov at
Wed Mar 17 12:43:18 CST 2004

I am running wine-20040309-0 on Suse 8.1, installed as an rpm.  I am trying to 
connect to a game server through a client application.  There are 3 parts to 
the interface: chat,play field, and announcements.  The chat pane scrolls :) including links.  Announcement pane 
has...well...announcements.  Also text and links.  Game pane is where you 
play - mostly graphics there.  I can see the text in the graphics pane, I can 
also see list of players at the table (displayed as text) but i can see NO 
announcement text, and no chat text (though I can send, and I can actually 
see letters as I type them).  I could see all the letters perfectly fine when 
I installed it.  It must be something inside the app that expect something 
else that isn't there.  Someone suggested tinkering with the  RichEdit dll, 
but I don't know where to start there.  

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 06:28 am, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> Igor,
> Please give more info on your client application and attach Wine errors.
> Is your wine compiled from source/CVS or a winehq binary ?
> PS:
> Im having the very same problem with Yahoo Messenger.
>  --- Igor Selivanov a écrit :
> >    I have a question for you guys.  I am currently running the latest
> > version of Wine.  I use it to run a windows client and connect to a
> > server.  One pane of the interface contains the chat window, where text,
> > links, etc, are constantly scrolling.  From a windows box, I can see all
> > this, but when I run the client through Wine, I cannot! But the text is
> > clearly there, because I can actually click on the *invisible* links, and
> > they take me to proper places.  The actual graphics work perfectly, but
> > the text is missing...I can actually type to the chat, and people see me
> > talking, but i can see nothing in return.  Any ideas of what the problem
> > might be?  The Fonts seem to be functioning correctly.
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