lotus notes + attachments = crash

Daniel.Krippner at porsche-engineering.de Daniel.Krippner at porsche-engineering.de
Thu Mar 18 07:58:50 CST 2004

        Hi List,

after some usage I definitely still have the problem: Lotus Notes 6.5.1 
crashes almost everytime I try to handle attachments - be it to attach 
some files to my own mails or save most of the attachments I am sent. I 
was told that only wine versions after 20031212 have that problem - I'm 
using 20031212 at the moment, and I still get crashes. Where can I get 
pre-20031212 versions for testing (rpms for fedora core 1)? Is this a 
known issue that can be worked around? Also, I still have the 
systray-Window popping up every now and then. Can I disable this? I 
already told notes not to show any systray icons and stuff, but that did 
not help.

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