Trying to get a VB-Application running on Suse 9.0 and Wine 09032004. But error 'undefined function 'CStr' in expression 3085' shows up.

Samuel Herzog samuel.herzog at
Thu Mar 18 01:59:28 CST 2004

I would like to change the Operating System to Linux.
But there is one application I don't want to miss.
So I am experimenting with Suse 9.0 and Wine.

The following application I would like to run on Linux.

The install works fine, but when I start the application then the following
message shows up:

'undefined function 'CStr' in expression 3085'.
I have only Linux on the computer and started the application from directory
"fake_windows\Program Files\Rechnungs-Manager 1.4.0"

WineCfg seems not to work.
There seems to be also a configuration tool WineSetupTk. Do you recommend it
and where can I find it ?

I am a beginner with Linux and Wine.
So any hints and tips to get this application running are very wellcome.

Thank you.

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