Printing simply DOES NOT WORK; print dialog just stays open

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sat Mar 20 00:01:46 CST 2004


Try to print in wine's notepad and see if it works first.

 --- JLB <jlb at> a écrit : > Hi gang...
> I'm using wine-20040213-1rh73winehq.i686.rpm (converted to a .deb, as I
> use Debian Stable, a.k.a. Woody).
> I'm trying to print a fax in eFax Messenger (you can get a copy of the
> eFaxView.exe I'm using from and it simply
> won't work. The only printer name I can select is "Wine PostScript
> Driver", and when I select it, select 'All' pages (or 'Pages 1 to 3' of a
> 3-page fax) and hit 'OK', THE PRINT DIALOG BOX JUST SITS THERE.

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