Working around visible cursor problems

Mark Schreiber mark7+usenet at
Sun Mar 21 01:42:37 CST 2004

Currently, there are some problems in WINE with determining when the
cursor should be visible.  For example, when playing NoX, the X11 cursor
sits smack dab in the middle of the screen -- the game's cursor moves
around, but you have this annoying thing jerking around in the middle of
the screen.  At some point, perhaps someone will fix this, but for now,
it can just be worked around. I decided to hide the X11 cursor before
starting wine, and then restoring it after leaving X11.  Hopefully this
will save other folks a couple of minutes.

Three files:
The first is
xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr

The second is
xsetroot -cursor ~/.private/cursors/empty.xbm ~/.private/cursors/empty.xbm

The third is ~/.private/cursors/empty.xbm:
#define empty_width 1
#define empty_height 1
#define empty_x_hot 0
#define empty_y_hot 0
static char empty_bits[] = {
 0x00, };

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