Installing Windows apps from cd's

Derek Croxton croxton3 at
Tue Mar 23 08:59:06 CST 2004

When installing a Windows application onto a Linux box (not dual-boot), 
how do I switch cd's (when there are more than one with the install)? 
Linux won't let me eject the first cd because it is in use.  This may be 
a Linux question more than a Wine question, but I'm still a novice so 
I'm not sure.  I'm running Ark Linux 1.0 alpha 10.1, trying to install 
Britannica 2002.

BTW, I am very impressed with the improvements in Wine in the past year. 
  I started using Linux last year, and found that Wine ran virtually 
nothing for me.  I started trying again recently, and it is much more 


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