Installing Windows apps from cd's

Henk Poley hpoley at
Tue Mar 23 10:22:11 CST 2004

Derek Croxton wrote:

> When installing a Windows application onto a Linux box (not dual-boot),
> how do I switch cd's (when there are more than one with the install)?
> Linux won't let me eject the first cd because it is in use.  This may be
> a Linux question more than a Wine question, but I'm still a novice so
> I'm not sure.  I'm running Ark Linux 1.0 alpha 10.1, trying to install
> Britannica 2002.

AFAIK you can install Britannica from any directory under Windows, so just
copy the primary CD to the harddisk and point it to the real second one
when it asks for it. And since you are running it under Wine you can point
the "cd-rom drive" to any directory and do some mv operations to put the
'other disk' there.

> BTW, I am very impressed with the improvements in Wine in the past year.
>   I started using Linux last year, and found that Wine ran virtually
> nothing for me.  I started trying again recently, and it is much more
> successful.

Yes, I've been "flabbergasted" too lately. Several non-working programs now
run out of the box.

        Henk Poley <><

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