Still busy with ZooTycoon (demo version)

pvriens at pvriens at
Tue Mar 23 10:58:18 CST 2004


running the latest CVS version doesn't bring ZooTycoon too life. I'm
debugging and debugging but seem to get lost. During my tracing I see:

trace:msg:PostMessageW hwnd 0x20021 msg 800c (WM_USER+7c0c) wp 0 lp 0
trace:msg:put_message_in_queue dest_tid 9
000c: send_message( id=0009, type=6, flags=0, win=0x20021, msg=0000800c,
wparam=00000000, lparam=00000000, x=0, y=0, time=00007dc4, info=00000000,
timeout=-1, callback=(nil), data={} )
000c: send_message() = 0

so a Message is send and it looks OK. But any subsequent:

trace:msg:MSG_peek_message msg 0x41a5ded8 hwnd (nil) first 00000000 last
00000000 flags 1


000d: get_message( flags=1, get_win=(nil), get_first=00000000,
get_last=ffffffff )
000d: get_message() = PENDING { type=0, win=(nil), msg=00000000,
wparam=00000000, lparam=00000000, x=0, y=0, time=00000000, info=00000000,
total=0, data={} }

so the message is not retrieved. Which is strange cause first=0 and
last=ffffff would mean every message ?

Any suggestion how to tackle this. I'm convinced (don't ask me why) that
the installer fails because of the messaging.

I used strace on a Windows2000Prof box and it reveals that a lot of
GetMessage calls are done, while we are doing PeekMessage (there is a
subtle difference).

The point at which the installer fails is the point where a new background
should be drawn (visual conclusion on W2KP).

Again, this is the ZooTycoon demo, downloadable from M$.


Paul Vriens.

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