remote registry/active perl

Ryan Sweet rsweet at
Wed Mar 24 10:36:33 CST 2004


I'm new to wine.  I installed the 20040309 rpms on a RHEL 3.0 system. 

My particular itch is that I would like to access remote win32 registries
from scripts running under linux.  In paticular, I have a VMware session
running w2k3srv sitting around at the moment that only exits to run
scripts which simply read things from remote registries, and uses DBI/DBD
Mysql to write to a database.  I'd like to be able to use wine to remove
the VMware session from the scenario.

I'm having lots of trouble getting ActivePerl to work properly, however.  
Even very simple scripts crash in perl58.dll.

1) has anybody here gotten active perl to work under wine, and if so, how 
(was not in the appdb)?

2) since the only part I really need this for is access the remote
registry (can do the db update all the other bits native on linux), does
it make more sense to try and compile a simple win32api program with gcc
and winelib?

-Ryan Sweet <rsweet at>

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