wordfast, word 2000, + wine

Anze Slosar anze.slosar at fmf.uni-lj.si
Thu Mar 25 03:24:48 CST 2004


I have succesfully installed word 2000 under wine on a suse 9.0 box.
Now I want to install wordfast (http://www.wordfast.net) on top of it. 
Wordfast is a visual basic piece of software for word (basically ou 
install it by putting a .dot file into yout Office/Startup) which is 
essential for professional translators. 

This configuration is known to work using Cross-over.

Now what happens in my case is that the wordfast button appears on the 
toolbar, but when I click on it wine starts complaining furiously and goes 
into debugger a bit latter. 

Could anybody give me a suggestion? I guess that I need to feed it an 
original windows DLL but not sure which one does to job... Any idea on how 
cross-over does it?

(Ok, ok, I'll buy cross-over if this doesn't work.... ;) ) 


int x=97,y=13;main(){putchar(x);x+=y--;y-=(y==11)*(2<<4);return

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