Still busy with ZooTycoon (demo version)

pvriens at pvriens at
Thu Mar 25 09:33:55 CST 2004

Rein Wrote:
>> trace:msg:put_message_in_queue dest_tid 9
>> 000c: send_message( id=0009, type=6, flags=0, win=0x20021, msg=0000800c,
>> ....
>> 000d: get_message( flags=1, get_win=(nil), get_first=00000000,
> Pay attention to the threads, each has its own message queue. It looks
> that your 'missing' message is sent to the thread with thread ID (tid)
> 9. The get_message is done by thread with tid 0xd.
> Look in the relay trace what thread 9 is doing.

So thread 0x000d is doing the get_message (in it's own thread message
queue) while the post is done to 0x0009.

What I see in the strace from W2KProf is that the GetMessage's are done
from the main thread (0x0009 in my case).

Investigating further.



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