Error Message

Brian bwalter1 at
Thu Mar 25 21:45:52 CST 2004

Just out of curiosity, what *is* that file, and what does it do?


Nigel Horne wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 Mar 2004 5:31 pm, Matthew L Hendrix wrote:
>>Can anyone give me any help with the following error message?
>>err:virtual:map_image Standard load address for a Win32 program
>>(0x00400000) not available - security-patched kernel ?
>>wine: could not load L"Z:\\home\\.wine\\c\\PowerGrade\\PG.EXE" as Win32
> Put this into your /etc/rc.local
> 	 echo "0" > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield
> -Nigel

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