Still busy with ZooTycoon (demo version)

pvriens at pvriens at
Fri Mar 26 04:08:46 CST 2004


I have a BIG question now (with some accompanying text):

ZooTycoon creates a lot of windows that are all owned by the main thread
(0x0009 in my case).

Several messages are posted to several windows in several threads. Because
the messages are send to a hwnd and all windows are owned by 0x0009, all
messages end up in the message queue of the main thread.

If a GetMessage or PeekMessage is done with a specific hwnd everything is

When however a GetMessage or PeekMessage is done with a hwnd=0 (NULL) it
all depends in which thread the Get or PeekMessage is done, if one (or
more) message is retrieved. In my case all Get or PeekMessages done in all
other threads but the main one (0x0009) end up with nothing.

It appears that on Windows the behaviour is different, in the ZooTycoon
case, all GetMessages are done from the main thread. Maybe there is some
logic that check which thread own windows ?

Can somebody confirm my findings for the WINE part ? And of course can
somebody confirm my findings for the WINDOWS part ?

It looks like I found the cause of my problem, now the fix !



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