Developer's path to Windows/*NIX multi-platform?

David Cuny dcuny at
Mon Mar 29 22:40:52 CST 2004

forum at wrote:

> Thanks Stephen and Alfredo... wxWidgets is looking very interesting indeed!
> I had not heard of it before and I will begin investigating it. Very
> impressive that it achieves the look of the native GUIs for the target
> platform, including Mac OS X which I have always wanted to support.

wxWidgets has the native "look" because it uses the actual native controls, 
instead of drawing it's own. (And there's a WinCE port in development.)

What's especially nice about wxWidgets is that it's a lot more than a library 
of widgets - it also provides file accesss, HTML help, FTP and other sorts of 
services in a cross-platform way. There are also a number of scripting 
languages that use wxWidgets.

The main issue you'll find with wxWidgets is the size of the executable - they 
tend to be pretty hefty. You can shrink the size considerably by setting 
various flags, and using executable compressors such as UPX.

-- David Cuny

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