Steel Panthers - World at War

JusTiCe8 justice8 at
Wed Mar 31 02:35:20 CST 2004


Olli Nevalainen wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm running Debian 3.02r (with 2.6.3 kernel) with OSS and KDE on my 
> box. I'm trying to install Steel Panthers - World at War and other 
> apps with wine but unfortunatelly it crashes. I installed the newest 
> wine (wine-20040309) and compiled with ./configure, make depend, make 
> and make install. After that I configured the wine with wineinstall.


> As you can see I have a some kind of a problem with /dev/sequencer. 
> How do I fix this problem? And yes...I tried to check that 
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.txt but that file didn't exist.
> I have tried to use winearts driver instead of wineoss, but I got the 
> same errors with it. Does anyone have any good ideas to fix this 
> problem? I have also tried to install other applications (eMule and 
> Winamp, but those crashes, too). Only app I have managed to get 
> running is NOTEPAD.EXE =)

I have also a Debian/woody, and I use wine 20040309 too (my winecfg 
score is lower than your) and I have no big trouble with SPWAW but 
notice that I have not installed it on wine but on win xp first then I 
just put SPWAW directory to a writable one (I think SPWAW is not well 
coded because it crash if directory is RO, it eat all CPU ressources and 
start with sound volume turn loudest ;( but it's another issue).
Also, tou should take a look at this :, it could help you.

Concerning kernel module issue, file exists whe, you install a kernel 
source package, so maybe your kernel miss a loadable module for handling 
sequencer. Perhpas you could disable it in wine config (maybe by 
comenting some lines).



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