Compile error, code error, or what?

Kai OM epimetreus at
Wed Mar 31 05:24:56 CST 2004

Bear with me, since I don't really know much about C, but I've got a
vague inkling of a few things, though I might be mistaken in some
assumptions I'm making here.

While compiling directx.c in wine/dlls/d3d8/ , I got an error stating
that GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNITS_ARB was not defined.

So I figured it'd either be defined in a library included in the
directx.c file, or defined in directx.c itself.

It was not defined in directx.c, as I found when I grepped the file(only
1 instance of it anywhere in the file at all)

So I pulled a list of all libraries included in the directx.c file and
grepped each for the same GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNITS_ARB string.

None matched.

There WERE about six files on my system that held an item
GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNITS_ARB, but they were all:
A. OpenGL related
B. Not included or referenced in directx.c

I want to know, am I missing something here, did my system break Wine
when it configured it, or is there something wrong with whatever code I

Anyway, since all values of GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNITS_ARB were identical, when
I did the systemwide search for that string, I just defined it in
directx.c and am compiling now; the error has not reoccurred, though I'm
not done yet. If this isn't going to work, especially for 3D apps, please
let me know, because I want to game on here some if possible.

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