Virtual Dub and NtFs

Stephen Mollett molletts at
Sat May 1 04:31:52 CDT 2004


On Saturday 01 May 2004 05:47, Ben Jolitz wrote:
> Why can't we emulate an ntfs? You have unix, fat, and win95, but no ntfs.
> Background:
> Virtual Dub can save raw video. Raw video has the highest quality. But
> if the file is over 2 g, then it fails. Reason is that win95 restricts
> files over 2gb. NtFs doesn't.

I came across that too. There's a hack that used to work but it doesn't work 
on the most recent wines (since about 20040309). In files/drive.c, search 


and change it to:


then VirtualDub thinks it's running on an NTFS drive and you can save huge 

I've had a quick look at 20040408 but there doesn't appear to be a direct 
equivalent that can be hacked.


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