multisim with wine

Jeff Nault nault at
Sat May 1 14:04:42 CDT 2004


I am a new wine and relatively new to linux user, and am having some
difficulties getting a program called Multisim to work with wine. Since
I am new with wine and linux, I will probably give you the entirely
wrong info to help me figure out this problem, but here goes:

	I am running Mandrake 10.0, and using the latest version of wine.

	Wine seems to be largely configured correctly, at least to the point
where I can run notepad with it (which may or may not be a good
barometer). I have a dual boot system, with windows xp on two partitions
(one ntfs for the system files, and the other fat32 for everything else
- including Multisim). Since ntfs drives can't be written to by linux (
afaik ) I had to copy the 'guts' of my windows system drive to my linux
partition (~/.wine/c_drive/windows). I also copied over my user data
from the c drive to this 'virtual' c_drive.

	I set up a profile in the wine config file pointing to this directory. 

	When I attempt to start Multisim, using the command wine
/mnt/win_d/Multisim/Multisim.exe, I get the initial 'splash' screen that
Multisim displays during startup. The only message displayed in the
terminal is: fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub

	Once the loading screen goes away, nothing happens. The terminal
doesn't return control, but no new window opens up. In order to
'terminate' whatever is running, I need to ctrl-C twice. I have seen
some information thru googling that indicates that Multisim will work in
wine, so I think it is a configuration issue.

	For the record, Multisim (also called Electronics Workbench) is a
circuit simulation, digital design, and other EE type stuff program. The
version I am using is Multisim 2001, personal edition. I haven't found
any suitable linux native replacement for it, so it is one of the few
things I need to keep my Windows partition for. However, I tend to use a
lot of linux programs at the same time that I am using multisim, so it
is very inconvenient to reboot every time i need to access multisim. 

	If any add'l info would be helpful please let me know.
	Thanks for any help, and sorry for the length of the message.


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