Wine CVS troubles.

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun May 2 12:22:42 CDT 2004

Adam Cooper wrote:
> Hi guys,
> This is my first post to this list so sorry if it breaks netiquette.
> I'm having troubles with a CVS version i pulled yesterday. I'm running
> Dreamweaver MX, IE6, and Office 2000. All were running fine under a CVS
> i pulled in Feb. A few bugs but nothing fatal.
> Heres my finding with this version.
> Dreamweaver loads fine but freezes instantly when opening the "open"
> dialog. Might be something to do with the new symlink structure?
> IE6 seems to load fine but takes a lot longer. A look at the stout shows
> that it takes a looong time processing the command: 
> fixme:advapi:SetServiceStatus 0x0 0x41b23c
> This seems to be called 4 times during the startup. Once it's all loaded
> it works fine.
> Office 2000. I only use word. It loads fine (very quick) but has a
> problem with the open dialog. The drives are listed but clicking on them
> will result in an error dialog saying: File not found. However, clicking
> on a recent item will load it up in double quick time.
> Maybe this is another symlink change error.

The file system problems are a symptom of some significant changes 
currently being made in this area of the Wine code. I would just wait 
for a couple more weeks until the bugs mostly work themselves out. For 
example, I think the Word problems are now fixed in CVS.

The problem with SetServiceStatus might be worth pursuing though, in the 
way Ivan mentioned.

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