multisim with wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun May 2 12:46:19 CDT 2004

Jeff Nault wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a new wine and relatively new to linux user, and am having some
> difficulties getting a program called Multisim to work with wine. Since
> I am new with wine and linux, I will probably give you the entirely
> wrong info to help me figure out this problem, but here goes:
> 	I am running Mandrake 10.0, and using the latest version of wine.
> 	Wine seems to be largely configured correctly, at least to the point
> where I can run notepad with it (which may or may not be a good
> barometer). I have a dual boot system, with windows xp on two partitions
> (one ntfs for the system files, and the other fat32 for everything else
> - including Multisim). Since ntfs drives can't be written to by linux (
> afaik ) I had to copy the 'guts' of my windows system drive to my linux
> partition (~/.wine/c_drive/windows). I also copied over my user data
> from the c drive to this 'virtual' c_drive.

Can I assume then that you did not export/import the registry data for 
Multisim? It would probably be better to attempt to delete the Multisim 
directory you copied over, and attempt to install Multisim from CD (or 
wherever) within Wine. That will (hopefully) get the registry entries 
installed correctly.

> 	I set up a profile in the wine config file pointing to this directory. 
> 	When I attempt to start Multisim, using the command wine
> /mnt/win_d/Multisim/Multisim.exe, I get the initial 'splash' screen that
> Multisim displays during startup. The only message displayed in the
> terminal is: fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub

Often, OLE problems can be fixed by using a native versions of the 
various ole dlls. But using WinXP versions might cause more problems 
then they solve. Still you could try them, since I assume that as part 
of copying over the 'guts' of your Windows system, you copied over the 
DLLs. Try setting a DllOverrides section for Multisim in your 
~/.wine/config file:
"oleaut32" = "native"
"ole32" = "native"

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