Run Windows program minimized in Wine

Graham Petley graham.petley at
Tue May 4 02:11:44 CDT 2004

I would like to run a Windows program minimised in Wine. In Windows I run it
from cygwin with the command
cmd /c "start /wait /min /low c:/WinSpice/wspice3.exe -b $1"
where cmd is the Windows command line interpreter; /c creates a new instance of
it and closes it when done; start starts the program wspice3 (-b is a wspice3
switch); /low runs it at low priority; /wait means further commands wait until
finished (not the default!) and /min runs it minimised.
I have tried this in Wine by copying across cmd.exe, but the /min switch is
ignored. It is read, as the command chokes on a /m switch for example. What I
am using is
nice -n 10 /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --workdir $PWD c:\\winspice3\\wspice3.exe -b
but this pops up a graphics window which takes a lot of CPU cycles.
There used to be a -iconic switch to Wine, but it seems to have gone when '-'
type switches were replaced by '--' ones. I couldn't trace the history of when
and why that happened, or why -iconic disappeared. Does anyone know how I can
run this job, something like
nice -n 10 /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --workdir $PWD com /c "start /wait /min
c:\\winspice3\\wspice3.exe -b $PWD/$1"
nice -n 10 /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --workdir $PWD --iconic
c:\\winspice3\\wspice3.exe -b $PWD/$1
Best regards, Graham Petley

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