How to force winelib to build a DLL

jake at jake at
Wed May 5 10:28:13 CDT 2004

Hello all,
 I use the latest 2004-08 wine release on rh7.3
 and tried to compile a simple wine DLL from my sources but it is always 
 wine-exe (?) that is built ( ) for mydll.dll target.

 The source is the only simplest 'void foo(void*)' in one .cpp file. 
 'wine' reports 'get EXE instead of DLL' when i try to use it instead on 
 win32 native dll.
 I used 'winemaker .' and 'winemaker --dll .' and it seems the result is
the same. 
  I created the empty spec  and sent it to winebuild, then i have a
dumplicated '__wine_spec_init_ctor' symbol, already linked ? I comment it
and all linked but DLL but it seems i still have the same output ( not a
DLL ), though DllMain entry was in *spec.c file and in the binary (
readelf -s <binary> but 'winmain' is also there )
I tried to force -shared to 'winegcc' , it asks for spec file, 
the simple spec with '100 stdcall foo(ptr)' in it doesnt work, reported as
malformed when passed with --specs option.
 Should I create a spec file and a DLL will be built only with 
 it, and if yes, can the spec to be created automatically with a tool
(winedump) ?
 What am I doing wrong here? I think that some i did some mistakes at the
begining, maybe in options to be sent to winemaker to have a DLL?
 Thanks a lot

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