Wine and winex together

Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto JorgePeixoto at
Thu May 6 11:27:47 CDT 2004

Hi guys!
I think that my wine is conflicting with my winex. Read the details below.

I have winex-lite installed and it seems to work well. however, when i try
to use wine (the normal wine, not winex) to install dcom98.exe, it says
that "wine cannot determine executable tipe). winex doest run it either.
However, before i reinstalled Linux, I had wine (without winex) and it was
able to install dcom98. So I think that the problem is that wine is
connflicting with winex.any help?

I use Kurumin, which is based on Knoppix, which is based on Debian unstable.

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