problems registering dll with regsvr.

Anton Blajev valqk at
Thu May 6 18:04:57 CDT 2004

Hello there group.

I need some help becasue I'm having problem registering a dll with

So, I want to run win32 program, that needs 3 dlls to be registered,
I've succeeded to register the other two but I can't get registered the
last one :(

here is what it returns...

valqk at test:~/.wine/fake_windows/store$ regsvr32 c:\\store\\ATLEngine.dll
fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no classfactory created for CLSID
{44ec053a-400f-11d0-9dcd-00a0c90391d3}, hres is 0x80040154
Failed to register dll c:\store\ATLEngine.dll
Wine failed with return code 255
/usr/bin/wine: line 615: kill: 127: invalid signal specification
valqk at test:~/.wine/fake_windows/store$ 

as you can see, I'm working with faked windows directoery(with some dlls
and ie and odbc installed trough wine :)

any ideas or suggestions why this is failing like this?
please help.
10x in advance!

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