Unsupported API Call Implemtation Question

Roger obc at toast.net
Thu May 6 22:41:04 CDT 2004

Hi All,

I would have asked this question on the wine-devel list but winehq made it quite clear that list was not for user questions but for developer use only so I ask it here.

I am attempting to run a native windows VB6 app (United Devices) in wine, fake windows, and continue to encounter an unimplemented API "CreateRemoteThread" call to kernel32 error using any and all RH distro kernels using any wine version.  I was simply wondering as to when that API call might be implemented.  I am in the process of filing a bug report to winehq in the hopes an engineer will be motivated to take it on so here is what my investigation has shown to date.

The function appears to be properly declared in winbase.h (wine of course) as is the already implemented function 'CreateThread' along with the structure type SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES common to both calls.  The kernel32.spec file shows CreateRemoteThread apparently stubbed "@ stub CreateRemoteThread" but the  implemented CreateThread shows "@ stdcall CreateThread (ptr long ptr long long ptr)". 

I wish I knew C and patch submission procedure as I would gladly volunteer to work on this one but I only know some VB and am attempting to code this call in a simple VB6 procedure to replicate the error and, if sucessful, will provide the exe and source to winehq.

Any advice where I go from here as I want to dump win, get more hd space but I need this app?

Thanks, Roger
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