wine & win4lin

David Jones gnome at
Fri May 7 02:11:35 CDT 2004

I don't know, since I opted for Win4Lin and my existing 
W98Se CD instead of wrestling with WINE, but you 
might need to go into the Win4Lin Administration 
module, remove your present Personal Windows setup, 
and redo it - just in case.

gnome at

On 5 May 04, at 19:22, Massimo Corinaldesi wrote:

> In my mandrake 9.2 system already equipped winth win4lin
> 5.0, I installed wine from the mandrake cds.
> The installation went good, but wine choosed for c:\ the
> c:\ directory of win4lin located into my home directory.
> Is that situation dangerous ?
> If could be better, as I think, to separate the c:\
> directories, how safely do it for wine ?
> Thanks.

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