Winelib Native Linux App

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Thu May 13 01:25:07 CDT 2004

>Not sure if I should post messages about WineLib in here or in the devel
>group.  The devel group suggests it's not for support issues.

You should continue on wine-devel. Although the developers look into
the user list this is definitely a devel topic :)

>All the documentation I read for Winelib suggests that re-compiling the
>application is the best option as this will give a native linux app that
>can be run directly.  But when I compile this app with winelib it generates
>"" which needs to be started with the command "wine
>".  This isn't my idea of being able to be run directly.

Even a winelib application will always depend one wine. At least for
the foreseeable future wine can't be used as a lib alone to get a native
Linux app. The app needs a running wineserver.

>Secondly, all my windows apps and DLL's are in Borland Builder (just native
>Win32 C, no VCL/MFC or other third party products).  I have Kylix3
>installed.  I've managed to re-compile my test app with Kylix and link it
>to the Wine libraries.  When I try and run the resulting executable it
>complains that it can't fine  Just to test I tried copying
> to the same place as my test app, same result.  I added
>/usr/lib/wine to and ran ldconfig, but this doesn't help either.

Don't know about that. But I'd say it doesn't matter how the IDE was
written, it's just a GUI for the command line tools (gcc, ld...) So maybe
you should look to make it work with winegcc (search mailing list or winehq)

bye  Fabi

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