Warcraft 3 Copy Protection (regression?)

Aneurin Price alp108 at student.cs.york.ac.uk
Sun May 16 15:42:45 CDT 2004

Saulius Krasuckas wrote:
> Aneurin Price wrote:
>>I presume a similar thing is happening with 20040505, since after
>>checking (by just running an app and looking in the open file dialogue)
>>I've discovered that the contents of the cd aren't being read, so it
>>must need the device symlink to point to the mount point. How then would
>>one also provide it with the device as could previously be done using a
>>"Drive" entry in the config file?
> man wine says:
<some relevant and important stuff>

My apologies; I should have noticed that. I'll try that out just as soon 
as I can get WC3 to work again (it blew up and now won't re-install).

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