Pegasus Mail 4.12a displays reverse text in message window

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at
Tue May 18 02:46:09 CDT 2004

> You might try the beta of Pegasus 4.2 that is available. Sorry, don't 
> the link handy to where you can get it. 
I've found it myself. Thanks! But at the moment I don't want to update to 
a beta version if I don't know how stable it will be. I think, this is 
rather a configuration error. 
> Also, wild-onager-guess here, but it sounds like there's something amiss 
> with your drive settings somewhere ...  
Hmmh, I suppose you think that because of this: 
> > err:shell:SHGetFolderPathW Failed to create directory 'L"E: 
> > \\WINNT\\Application  
I really don't know whats wine or the application do at this moment. OK, 
the pegasus mail installation is part of my windows 2000 system. For write 
access I've moved the installation to a fat32 drive (all entries in the 
registry and in the mailbox and configuration files are updated to the new 
path, under windows 2k there appears no problems). So the path E:\WINNT is 
the directory where my Windows 2000 Installation will be found if I run 
Windows 2000. So this path is explainable. But wine itself will use a 
relative new and clean Windows 98 SE Installation, where this path is not 
needed. Anywhere under Wine there is as driveletter E:\ an common fat32 
partition mounted, so there should be no problem to write on it. 
I also don't know what this line means: 
> > err:dc:CreateDCW no driver found for L"WINEPS"  
My question now is, is there anybody out there which also uses Pegasus 
Mail 4.12a and have not the same problems as I? - May be this person can 
send me the configuration file??? :-) 
Thanks a lot for helping! 

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