Pegasus Mail 4.12a displays reverse text in message window

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at
Tue May 18 18:19:53 CDT 2004

> On Tue, 18 May 2004 09:46:09 +0200 (MEST), you wrote:  
 > It is a bug in Wine, that is clear. Please fill in a bug report at  
 Because I also verified this error on a plain wine only windows emulation  
 (without an real windows system) and with the new beta version of pegasus  
 mail (V 4.21 from 3 May 2004) I will additionally open a new bug report 
 the next days.  
 > Until it is fixed, use another font that does not give this problem.  
 > "Bitstream Vera Sans" is a similar to arial (and it is "free") and 
 > here correctly.  
 Does this works in pegasus mail correctly??? - I'm not sure, I guess I  
 must change something in the .wine/config file to set up wine in such a  
 way that pegasus mail won't use the arial font permanently, so my 
 is: is this possible? - Because in the application itself this is only  
 possible for writing a new mail, not for reading mails. This setting  
 furthermore won't be saved, so you must change it for every new mail you  
 want to write.   
 Thanks a lot for Your help!  

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