gui navigation problem

Rob rob at
Fri May 21 07:36:18 CDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 09:05, Christopher Dawson wrote:
> Rob wrote:
> >I'm a (part-time) Clarion programmer 
> >
> My condolences. Actually it might be great for all I know ;)

Actually Clarion is a good development package, and generally easy to
use, unfortunately it is only for Windows.

> Do you know if clarion apps expect something other than a WM_KEYDOWN or 
> message for this?

One of the features of Clarion is that what happens in the background
can mostly be ignored and programs can be created without needing to
know such information.  Sorry can't help with that one.

I'd love to know why clarion apps don't work with wine.  I once created
a simple program that opened a main frame then opened a child window
containing a simple text message.  Didn't work!  Did the equivalent in
Borland Delphi and it worked perfectly ????????????????????????????


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