Why isn't everyone compiling wine

Kristiaan Lenaerts klen at pandora.be
Sat May 22 05:21:19 CDT 2004


My guess is that a lot of people are afraid of compiling. I have to 
admit I did the same when I just started using linux, having to learn 
how to install a program, using a package-manager... I was afraid of 
using self-compiled things, because I had no idea how to uninstall it if 
it did't work. Working with packages gives *some* comfort, because 
that's easy to use, and that's the way the system installed itself (and 
updates itself).

Also, not knowing where programs go after they are compiled, what all 
those "/usr/lib /usr/bin ..." dirs are, what has to go where... It is so 
comfusing at first, that I can imagine that most people (I did) just use 
the package manager, it just works (most of the time).

But I do agree, since I started compiling wine (gentoo - now using the 
cvs), a lot of things just worked that didn't before. Now, it is well 
possible that has more to do with the version of wine, than actually 
compiling it yourself, but the packages are outdated most of the time...

just my experience...


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