chris.cranford at tkdsoftware.com chris.cranford at tkdsoftware.com
Sat May 22 15:24:45 CDT 2004

Hi All 

I have a win32 program that utilizes RPC heavily for client/server
communications.  I just installed the RPM for Redhat 9 on my linux
box and I would like to use this win32 rpc product on my redhat 

When I run the RPC client programs, I see the following:

  RPC protocol (ncacn_ip_tcp) not available (1703)

I know that the program checks to see if RPC is installed in the registry I do
believe by the use of the DLL function:


Can someone explain to me how I can bypass this and work around this problem? 
I have already copied RPCRT4.DLL into the ~/.wine/c/windows/system directory.


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