Why isn't everyone compiling wine

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at inwind.it
Sun May 23 10:20:05 CDT 2004

> If you have dependency problems move to debians packaging system called 
> apt-get; apt-get has been designed to cover all dependencies (I heard 
> there are rpm versions of apt-get available - somewhere out there)
Mandrake has URPMI, it's like apt-get but for RPMs. It's great, very user
friendly, graphical. You just click on an RPM, and if any deps are missing, it
just pops up a window saying "Insert Linux Mandrake CD x" where x is the number
of the CD where the missing dependency is, and it just installs everything for
you. So you just click on a RPM, put in a CD if the system asks you, and the
software installs in seconds. You can even add a remote source, such as a FTP
server. It's all GPL so I really don't know why other distros don't use it.


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