Unix directories (was Re: Why isn't everyone compiling wine)

Kevin F. Quinn ml at kevquinn.com
Tue May 25 03:35:58 CDT 2004

JLB wrote:

 > Oh, horse-hokum. [snip]
It's not horse-hokum.  Web sites tend to be small networks; in my 
experience single-figure counts of homogenous machines.  The FHS is 
catering for large networks of heterogenous machines, dealing with 
system consistency, simplicity of installation and backup, reliability, 
recoverability etc.

> The old Macintosh "System" had the best filesystem layout:
 > [snip]

Which looks a lot like the Windows layout (substitute "WINDOWS" for 
"System Folder", "Program Files" for "Applications" and "My Documents" 
for "Desktop Folder" on English Windows and you're there) - and like the 
Windows layout, is an obvious layout designed for standalone desktop 
machines.  On standalone machines this is perfectly sensible.  On a 
network of hundreds of machines it can be a pita.

Anyway, all this is way off topic, and nothing is going to change 
anytime soon either way so we're wasting everyone's time :)


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