Why isn't everyone compiling wine

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Tue May 25 12:42:48 CDT 2004

>On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 16:21, James E. LaBarre wrote:
>> eternal wrote:
>> > you remove something you have had to compile with `make deinstall' from

>> > the directory that the Makefile is in.
>> This implies you still have/kept the source tree you installed from. 
>> Unless you are specifically doing debugging/testing, it seems a waste of

>> space.
>> Personally, if I were building such apps from source, I'd take the extra

>> step and make an RPM fist *then* install from the RPM.  Then it becomes 

>> a simple matter of running "rpm -e winebuild" to remove the old version.

>i'll have to look into rpm on freebsd(i have it installed with
>linux_base, i know this much, but i dont use it), i guess...  good point
>tho, and thank you.  fyi, space isn't a concern on my box;  120GB and
>its all *MINE*  -=oD
>ps:  i was really posting that as a bit of know-how that i have...  i
>regularly use (and highly recommend - just be very, very sure to read
>the man page for it first) portupgrade to handle all of my
>installing/upgrading (ie: after a cvsup), and if i should have to
>uninstall something manually, use `pkg_deinstall packagename-version'

Did I send that directly to you and not the list???  Stupid bad-forwarding-headers
in the list manager again (I've heard the arguments both ways, and I think the
"reply-to" header is still the correct way to go).

When I suggested creating an RPM and then installing from that, I really meant
RPM as what *I* would be using on my system, while RPM would be replaced with
the appropriate packaging system for your own distribution &/or OS.  Would that
mean one would use the NSIS installer for creating a Wine install for Windows?

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