Codeweavers kosher?

Beartooth beartooth at
Fri May 28 11:00:52 CDT 2004

On Thu, 27 May 2004 23:24:20 +0200, Rein Klazes wrote:

> Not by definition but by practical reality. For almost all questions the
> answer would be "go for Codeweavers support" or "try Wine".
> In this case I would suggest, try the latest Wine and report.

Well, I would -- better, would *have* ... Trouble is, I keep up with
several people far more competent than myself, who not only keep trying
wine, but also try to help develop it for apps that run topo maps and
interface with GPSs -- and keep not reporting success; but one of them,
passing through here, thought to mention having *heard* that Codeweavers
had succeeded at last.

Maybe that news is of some interest, or even use, here.

Believe me, I'd a lot rather go with open source, and will when I can.
Meanwhile, I have a big investment (for my pocket, anyway) in software
which has been lying useless since I've been MS-free -- and I'm living in
a new area where I don't know the hunting terrain.

Codeweavers support hasn't been answering, btw.

What I had hoped was that someone here would know of another forum where
things like a program denying permission to install -- to root! -- would
be of interest.

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