Problem with ADO connection

Steve Bergman steve at
Fri May 28 17:38:28 CDT 2004


First a big Thank You to the wine developers.  Your efforts are greatly
appreciated and have allowed me to move users to Linux that I could
never have moved otherwise.

I am currently setting up desktops for 7 end users, but doing so
requires that I get a particular application (The Electronic Manual)
which is a parts catalog for the restaurant equipment service industry.

The application installs flawlessly under crossover wine 3.0.  It
executes fine, too.  Except that it does not see its data.  In the
programs log file, I see a message 

"3704 Operation is not allowed when the object is closed (Caused by
ADODB.Connection) occurred while refreshing display."

The application is not client server, in that the whole application runs
on one machine.  But it does seem to try to open an ADO connection to
itself.  I get no obvious error message from wine, but the hourglass
cursor stays up indicating that it is waiting on something and the data
never appears.

Is this the appropriate list for this question?  I currently have wine
cvs compiling, however, as of wine-04082004, I could not get the
application to install with vanilla wine.

Are there particular issues with ADO that I should know about?  The
debug channels documentation seems a bit cryptic to me.  What debug
channels would likely contain helpful information?

I am running on a pentium III 1266Mhz, uniprocessor, redhat 9, but with
vanilla 2.4.21 kernel + linux-abi patches.  I am using no native windows
DLLs except what came with.  Might some native DLL help?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  If I can't get this problem
resolved by Tuesday, I will be forced to use Windows XP, so I'm willing
to spend all weekend on this if necessary to get it working.  I will
post more information as it becomes available.  I'm still trying out
debug channels to find a clue.

Steve Bergman

(Contributing to Linux World Domination in his own small way in Oklahoma
City OK, USA. since 1996.)

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