Wine compile problem

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Sat May 29 04:33:41 CDT 2004

The MCP wrote:
> After downloading Wine-20040408 and now 20040505, I'm finding that I
> can't compile it anymore. After unzipping, everything configures fine
> and make depend && make seems to work, until it gets to the audio:
> make[2]: Entering directory
> `/home/erik-k/downloads/wine-20040505/dlls/winmm/winealsa'
> ../../../tools/winegcc/winegcc -B../../../tools/winebuild -shared
> ./winealsa.drv.spec    audio.o audio_05.o alsa.o midi.o 
> winealsa.drv.dbg.o   -o -L../../../dlls  -lwinmm
> -luser32 -ladvapi32 -lkernel32 -lntdll -L../../../libs/wine -lwine
> -ldxguid -luuid -lasound -L../../../libs/port -lwine_port
> audio.o(.text+0x24): In function `ALSA_InitializeVolumeCtl':
> /home/erik-k/downloads/wine-20040505/dlls/winmm/winealsa/audio.c:280:
> undefined reference to `snd_ctl_card_info_sizeof'
> audio.o(.text+0x31):/home/erik-k/downloads/wine-20040505/dlls/winmm/winealsa/audio.c:280: undefined reference to `snd_ctl_card_info_sizeof'
> audio.o(.text+0x49):/home/erik-k/downloads/wine-20040505/dlls/winmm/winealsa/audio.c:281: undefined reference to `snd_ctl_card_info_sizeof'
> audio.o(.text+0x5a):/home/erik-k/downloads/wine-20040505/dlls/winmm/winealsa/audio.c:283: undefined reference to `snd_ctl_elem_list_sizeof'
> After this, the compiler generates a total of 6 big pages of errors from
> audio.c and later midi.c. Is there some other dependency that I need to
> install to prevent this? Some library in a weird location?
> I'm using Mandrake 9.2 (soon upgrading to 10.0), on an Athlon 1.8 Ghz.
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I searched on that error message; Only found one usefull page, at

"The missing functions are part of the ALSA Audio API."
Include the ALSA libraries, make sure everything ALSA has is on your 
system, and try again (sorry I'm not a Mandrake user, so I can't be any 
more specific on that)



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